Time Broadband


TIME is among one of the leading broadband networks in Malaysia. There are two types of broadband that TIME offers which are TIME Fibre 100 Mbps Home Broadband and TIME Fibre Unlimited Broadband. The TIME Fibre Unlimited Broadband has a range of different speeds from 10Mbps for RM129/mth, 20Mbps for RM179/mth, 30Mbps for RM219/mth, 50Mbps for RM249/mth and 100Mbps for RM179/mth all for unlimted quota with a boost speed of 50Mbps for 30 hours except for the 50Mbps and 100Mbps. TIME’s 100% true Fibre Optic Network is fast and uninterrupted and claims to be as quick ‘as a blink of an eye’. Sign up for the TIME Home 10 Plan and receive 2,000 minutes of voice call with a payment of RM10 monthly to all fixed lines, mobile numbers across the country and IDD calls of up to 60 countries. For more value added service, at RM10/month, get access to The Star E-Paper subscription and enjoy a 1 month free subscription with that for 12 months.


TIME Fibre 100

TIME Fibre 100 Mbps Home Broadband as the name suggests, provides 100Mbps speed for RM179/month with a quota of 100GB, equivalent to 50HD movies.  This is one of the fastest broadband Internet packages in Malaysia at the time of writing. The throttle speed is at 10 Mbps, which beat’s Malaysian’s average speed of 5.5 Mbps of home broadband speed. This plan also has the same voice call and The Star-E-paper subscription deals at the same price as the TIME Fibre Unlimited Broadband package.

Standard broadband

For a more budgeted broadband service experience, TIME also has what they call, a Standard Broadband or ADSL Home with prices starting as low as RM38/month at 1Mbps, RM119/month at 6Mbps and RM159/month at 12Mbps and expect to comfortably download data files and stream videos at these speeds. The RM38 deal has a quota of 1GB while the RM119 and RM159 package both have unlimited quota and a free boost of 2Mbps up to 4 hours a day. All prices quoted above are subject to 6% GST.

There are some factors that can help you decide if TIME Broadband service is right for you. Before beginning your research on TIME Broadband service, it is wise to check the availability of coverage in your area. To do this, simply visit TIME’s official website and key in your street address. Secondly, the amount of data you want to upload and download each month also known as quota can help determine a plan that will meet that capability. At the time being, TIME Fiber seems to be concentrated in urban areas which are limited to areas in Klang Valley, Penang and JB.


Fortunately, Fiber Broadband services are typically very relaxed on it’s quota limits whereas wireless broadband usually stinges on quota. The next question to consider is the type of broadband technology – Fiber, Wireless and ADSL. If you are concerned about speed, Fiber is the way to go whereas Wireless suits those who look for mobility and ADSL for a more economical and modest usage. Unforunately, TIME does not offer wireless broadband services. Lastly, getting some feedback from others such as friends, family or colleagues on the efficiency of TIME customer service will help you feel more at ease when experiencing technical or billing difficulties before you start committing to a contract with them.

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