TNB and Syabas registration

sybas templer

This guide is only valid for Residents in Selangor/PJ/Puchong only. Just bought or shifted to your new property ? here are the ways where you can apply your water and TNB electricity. It is important you have all your documents ready to ensure swift application and having the need to go to these premises a few times.

Here are some of the documents that you will need to prepare before handling your registration

TNB Application

TNB Application can be done at Kedai TNB however I would advice application to be done a larger TNB outlets in case some the small one doesn’t support it.

  • A copy of your property S&P agreement
  • A copy of electricity bill of previous owner
  • Address of the property for electricity supply
  • A copy of your IC
  • RM 10 Hasil Stamp  (Can be bought from any LHDN office or Postoffice)
  • Deposit Money, depends on your electricity supply type

Application for TNB Domestic supply can be found Domestic_Supply_Application_Form

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Syabas Application

  • A copy of your property S&P agreement
  • Address of the premise to have water supply
  • A copy of Syabas bill of previous owner
  • A copy of your IC
  • No need to buy RM 10 Stamp if you are applying at Syabas templer as their office is able to stamp it.
  • Deposit money (RM 150 at the time of writing)

Application form for Syabas can be downloaded here Borang_Permohonan

These documents will need to be handed and kept by each TNB and Syabas side. Please make sure you have enough copies on hand. Do also ensure that applicant’s name exist in S&P agreement. As for application premises I would suggest applying both of these at Petaling Jaya as the branches are large enough and nearby each other.  If everything goes smoothly. Application can be done within half day.

Syabas Petaling Jaya is located at 

Address: Jalan Templer, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

TNB Petaling Jaya is located at

TNB Petaling Jaya
Kedai Tenaga Petaling Jaya
Jalan 52/8, New Town PJ
46990 Petaling Jaya