Touch n Go Guide Malaysia

What is Touch n Go

Touch and Go is a form of prepaid card payment system that is widely used in Malaysia.  At the time of writing, Touch n Go card is the top payment prepaid card in Malaysia. Many auto payment, tolls and public transportation only accepts Touch and Go which makes it a necessities if you are in Malaysia.

How to use Touch n Go

First you will have to purchase a Touch n Go card. This can be done a major Petrol stations, Toll Booths.  Next you will need to top up the card with a sum of money. To use Touch and Go , you will need to tap your card into a Touch N Go panel. Your payment would be deducted from the balance you are paying for.

What can I use Touch n Go for


All tolls in Malaysia uses Touch n Go. Some Tolls have gone cashless making Touch n Go the only way you can pay for the toll. Get a Touch n Go card as you don’t want to be stucked in a toll with no ways to pay


Major parkings accept Touch n Go as payment system. This is rather convenient as you do not have to queue up and pay your tickets. There is usually an extra charge of 5% to 10% when using Touch n Go . Typically a RM20 to RM 30 minimum balance is required for you to be able to use Touch N Go when parking.

Public transportation

Major public transportation accept Touch N Go as payment. This includes MRT, LRT , Commuter, Monorail and buses. One can passes the autogate by simply tapping Touch N Go card.

Buying stuffs

There are stores that accept Touch N Go payment system. You can conveniently purchase stuffs with your Touch N Go card. Some retailers offers discount and rebate with Touch N Go payment.


Where to buy Touch n Go

Touch n Go can be bought in major Petrol Stations in Malaysia.


Things you know about Touch  N Go

Touch N Go registration

You can actually register your card to your account. This would enable you to sign in to their website and view your statements from there

Touch and Go Expiry

Yes , A Touch and Go card do expires. A Touch n Go card has 10 years expiry date. Once it is expired you will have to go to CEC at Bangsar South to renew the card.

Lost your card ? 

You can actually call to their service number if you have lost your card. They would block the number and can process a refund to you.


Touch and Go Customer Service Number

At the time of writing , the careline number is awful. Our editor have called this number around 10 times in 3 days without any response. This reminds me the service level you are getting from government offices 20 years back. To be fair, government services has improve tremendously and you are still getting this crap from a private Company like Touch N Go. If you still want to try your luck you can call

Touch N Go careline


This number is only available from 7.00am to 10.00pm daily including public holidays and weekends.


You can also try your luck with their Facebook page which a little more “template” style responsive.


Touch and Go HQ

Their customer service is located at Bangsar South.


Touch and Go CEC ,Ground Floor ,Tower 2A, Avenue 5, Bangsar South, No 8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200, Kuala Lumpur

Operation hours: 8.00am to 6.00pm ( Mon-Friday) , Sat 8.00am to 1pm , Closed on Sunday & Holidays


Touch n Go Hubs

Lot l2.07, Nu Sentral shopping mall, no 201, Jln Tun Sambathan, 50470, KL

Plus Expressway.

Alor Setar, Jitra, Sg petani, Sg Dua,

Ipoh Selatan, Bidor, Jln Duta, Sg Besi

Senawang, Ayer Keroh, Ayer Hitam , Kulai


Plus expressways

Damansara, Kota Damansara, Setia Alam, Seafield, KLIA, USJ