Touch n Go RFID

Touch n Go RFID is being implemented across the nation as alternative or replacement for the existing SmartTag system. You will need to fulfill these requirements being going for RFID installation.

Make sure you have installed Touch N Go eWallet. This can be downloaded from Android Playstore or Apple Appstore for free. If you have not you can use this link  or our refferal code


Once downloaded, complete your sign up process. Do make sure to verify your eWallet by submitted your IC and your face verification. You can only install RFID only when your eWallet is verified.



There are plenty of kiosk accross Malaysia that offers RFID installation for free. Do make sure that you have completed the prerequities before RFID installation. Please bring these documents for installation

Requirement documents 

  • Photocopy IC and Driving license
  • Photocopy of valid insurance cover note or photocopy Grant

During the installation, process a piece of RFID will be attached to your car by agent of these kiosk. Installation is fairly simple and will not take more than 15 minutes minus the queue.

After the installation, you will need to wait 24 hours for RFID service to be activated onto your eWallet.



Q:Can I install RFID on multiple cars ?

A: Yes, one eWallet account can support multiple cars however , one car can only be tied to a single eWallet account.


Q:If I changed my car, do I need to install again ?

A:  Yes. RFID sticker and car details is tied to your account, please terminate your old car details


Q: If the sticker’s mirror is broken , what should i do ?

A: You will need to notify the customer service while they will direct you to the nearest kiosk for installation


Pros of RFID

  • Free installation
  • No devices

Cons of RFID

  • It is a sticker which is fixed to your car
  • You will need to call Customer Service to terminate ur RFID once you have changed cars.
  • The system is not as robust as RFID in Singapore,  you will still need to slowdown on tolls and wait for barrier to be lifted when payment is processed. This makes no huge difference with SmartTag system.