Touch n Go e-Wallet

e-Wallet is an electronic device or service which allows us to make electronic transactions that include purchasing items and paying bills online. In short, e-wallet serves as a replacement of cash, debit cards and credit cards to make daily life more convenience. In addition to that, we can say goodbye to queuing at ATM machines and not to fear of cash loss due to theft or robber and no more counterfeit money.

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GO + 

Go+ is the latest investment option that you can use with TnG wallet. You will be able to enjoy daily interest with a minimum of RM10.


What is eWallet ?

Even Touch ‘n Go has its own e-Wallet business now. The Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet is an electronic wallet that holds electronic money, service via mobile application being offered by TNG Digital Sdn. Bhd. (TNGD). The Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet provides a range of services that include reloads, payments, funds transfer via smart phone regardless of time and place as long as you are within Malaysia. You can transfer money to another Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet user, reload your mobile prepaid, purchase tickets like flight and movie tickets, pay utilities bills and postpaid phone bills as well as to pay tolls via RFID feature. Apart from what were mentioned, QR code payment can also be done at participating Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet merchants.

It does really sound very interesting to own a Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet. But bear in mind that even if you are registered with the MYTouchnGo Portal, you will still be required to download and register yourself with the Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet account, as it does not automatically recognize you as Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet user if you don’t sign up for this step. Do not be confuse between these two accounts, the MYTouchnGo Portal only manages your Touch ‘n Go cards whereas the Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet allows you to make online transactions and other applicable services via the mobile app. In order for you to use this service, you do not require to pay any fees. Also, the Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet is licensed under Bank Negara Malaysia. It is highly secured and trustable, yet to mention thatTNGD assures that your personal information will not be shared or sold to any other parties, in compliance with the PDPA Act. Hence, you do not have to worry in terms of security when registering for a Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet account.

Benefits of eWallet

There are a lot of cash back offers when you are paying with eWallet. These cashback can be turn into savings on your next purchase. There are also a lot of promotions with TnG eWallet.


How to use eWallet

Installation and verification.


You will have to verify with your IC or passport and profile photo. Verifying your account lets you have upgraded functionality on ewallet.

Reloading e-Wallet

Similar to your basic Touch ‘n Go card, you can reload your Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet account via online banking, credit or debit card as well as Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet Reload Pin. You many wonder what is Touch ‘n Go Reload Pin. It is actually a soft pin based reload function, in which you can purchase at any participating merchant outlet. The list can be retrieved from its website with the list of participating merchants being updated periodically.The minimum reload amount is RM10 for all wallet sizes and the maximum reload amount for RM200 wallet sizes including Singaporean is RM200.For RM1500 and RM5000 wallet sizes, there is a maximum of RM500 per transaction. All transactions are only in Malaysia Ringgit. Other than the manual reload method, there is also auto-reload method available. This method allows you to set a desired amount to be auto-debited from an authorized credit card, in which it will be auto-reloaded to your Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet when the e-Wallet balance falls below the minimum balance that you have set earlier. At the moment, only MasterCard or Visa credit card issued by banks in Malaysia and Singapore can be used for auto-reload. When you enable the auto-reload function, you will not be charged any additional fees.  


How to pay with eWallet ?

There are three types of wallet sizes available for you to choose to register with. The first is a default wallet size of RM200, which is added to your account once you have downloaded and registered. Another one is by registering and linking with your credit or debit card, in which your e-Wallet size will be increased to RM1500. Lastly, if you register for an RFID tag at appointed Fitment Centre into the e-Wallet, you will be granted a higher wallet size of RM5000. Do take note that there are limitations on the usage of your e-Wallet. Your daily transaction is limited to be RM1000 across all mobile platforms as well as for all the wallet sizes, RM200, RM1500 and RM5000. Daily transaction limit also applicable to transactions like in-app payment, QR code payment and money transfer to another e-Wallet account, given that the status is successful. Apart from these, there is also a maximum amount for daily transfer of money and it is subject to your daily transaction limit based on your e-Wallet size. Bear in mind that if your e-Wallet size is of RM200, you are not able to transfer money.


There is also a service called PayDirect, which enables you to add up to three physical Touch ‘n Go cards into your e-Wallet for toll usage. This is very useful as the physical Touch ‘n Go card that has been added into your e-Wallet will be used as a medium to pass through “Touch ‘n Go” and “SmartTAG” lanes at participating highways. When you pass through the toll booths, the toll fares will be deducted from your e-Wallet. Let’s say if your e-Wallet does not have sufficient credit, the respective fares will be deducted from your card instead. Using PayDirect is fairly easy. All you need to do is simply by using the added Touch ‘n Go card as usual to pay tolls by either tapping the reader or via SmartTAG at participating highways. The toll fare will be deducted directly from your Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet. Do take note that PayDirect is only available at all Klang Valley Open-Toll System with the list of participating highways can be found from its website.

With the e-Wallet service, you can shop, play and travel with so much convenience. In case you need any further information, the customer service is always ready to assist you.