U Mobile UPackage Plan

U Mobile UPackage Plan

If you own an iPhone, there is a new way to pay your plans with Umobile’s recent package called “UPackage”, an easy payment plan for credit cards but more beneficial in a few vital ways. With Umobile’s new UPackage, anyone owning any iPhone (iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 or 6s) can pay in the same manner they pay their monthly postpaid bill. U Mobile subscribers will be charged with the monthly bill on top of the monthly installment for the iPhone in one singular statement.

The difference between easy payment plans from credit cards and UPackage is that UPackage customers will not be subjected to any charges of their credit limit on their credit cards which takes away the inconveniences and burdens for credit card holders who are interested in owning an iPhone. Additionally, there are no interest charges for the duration of the payment.

Iphone-only postpaid plans will also get to enjoy an increased data quota for the UPackage it is qualified for – the i90 and i130 plans. Both of these plans provide 7GB and 10GB of data individually and a supply of unlimited calls to all networks for said customers. Most captivatingly, subscribers will enjoy purchasing an iPhone at a subsidized rate when they decide to purchase the iPhone though UPackage – the 16GB iPhone priced at RM2,352 or RM98 per month for 24 months.

U Mobile suggests the UPackage to be offering the lowest monthly commitment for the iPhone 6. On top of that, it is noted that U Mobile is one of two telcos that do not make it compuslory for subscibers to pay the device price upfront.


However, there are some terms and conditions for the Upackage. One of it is that while Upackage welcomes existing and new U Mobile customers, they need to have zero outstanding amount in their postpaid bill and also have a minimum RM70 monthly commitment prescription to a postpaid plan already.

For new intending customers who would like to transfer from another telco must produce a copy of their last most recent monthly statements as required documentation when applying for Upackage subcscription. This term represents an early demonstration that subscribers will be able to afford the minimum RM188 monthly commitment to Upackage.


U Mobile also requires subscribers to activate auto debit for the postpaid plan for the sake of a more smooth and pain free payment experience.

Since Upackage does not offer zero upfront payment, subscribers are subjected to make a total payment comprising of the first month’s device installment as well as the first month’s monthly commitment.

For example, if the subscriber is purchasing a 16GB iPhone 6s with the i90 plan, they would have to pay RM188 (RM98 for phone and RM90 for plan) upon sign up.

Even though this may seem like another restriction, the amount that is summed up is still very little compared to other telcos which demand customers to pay the subsidied device cost at the time of registration.

If you are an existing U Mobile subscriber on an active contract who would like to move to Upackage, your current contract would result in termination before registering for Upackage which will involve possible penalty charges which might hurt a little.

However, upgrading to i130 plan from a i90 plan will be forfeiter of the termination charges.

We could conclusively say that the Upackage is highly ideal for those looking to buy an iPhone without worrying about being hld down to their credit limit with easy payment plans. The package is fairly free of complications and is an alternative to the U Micro Credit feature which are designed for those without a credit card.

For more information on Upackage, simply visit any U Mobile outlets or booths nationwide.