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Great news U-Mobile has just launched their Xiaomi Mi4i phone plan.  The phone retail price is RM 754 from Xiaomi Malaysia. With U-Mobile plan, the phone can be bought as cheap as RM 138 . However that would require you to sign up for Ultimate Device 95 plan which comes with 5 GB Internet and 90 minutes voice calls.  You can also opt for Ultimate Device 65 plan for lower data and voice usage. This plan with incur more savings in the long run however you will have to fork out RM 369 for the first payment. Ultimate Device 65 plan comes with 3 GB Internet and 60 minutes voice call.

Also there are no upfront payment for U-mobile phone plan which makes these plan more cost efficient.  U-Mobile’s phone plan are contract free. Although you can cancel anytime you like, you will need to pay back the phone subsidy by average if you cancel the plan within 24 months period.


Here are more details of the plans from U-Mobile

Ultimate Device 95

Ultimate Device 65

RM 95 Monthly cost RM 65 Monthly cost
5 GB Internet 3 GB Internet
90 mins voice call 60 mins voice call
RM 138 Phone cost RM 369 Phone cost