UberEats Malaysia

Good news ! UberEats will be available at Kuala Lumpur soon. The first coverage area would be at KLCC , Bukit Bintang , Bangsar Baru and Hartamas

Requirements to be UberEats delivery in Malaysia 

  • 18 Years old and above
  • 10 years motorbike ( 2008 and above)
  • Valid Motorbike driving license ( P is now allowed)


How to Sign up ? 

You can earn up to RM 3,780.00 according to incentives from Uber. Please use a different email from your Uber Driver or Rider Account. Prepare your extra emails, IC , driving license and Motorcycle insurance cover Note

Sign up , choose UberEATS. Upload your documents

After signing up , couriers  will have to go to Uber PSC at Petaling Jaya to attend training that is compulsory.  After attending the training,  courrier will receive delivery equipment from Uber. The gears consist of Halal/Non Halal Food Bag, Raincoat, Portable Charger and Phone Mount. Training for UberEats has started.

Uber EAT Gears are now avaiable in PSC by phases.

What is Uber Eats ? 

UberEats is one of the additional services that Uber offers. It is a food delivery platform that allows users like you to get food easily from your favourite local cafes or restaurants. It is as simple as requesting for an Uber ride.

How much can you earn ?  Maximum RM 3,780

Here are some estimated earnings from Uber if you hit all incentives for the month. The earnings seems pretty good for anyone who drives a motor to work


How UberEats work? 

You may wonder how UberEats work. With the UberEats application, you will be connected to a wide range of local eateries and food, in which you can select from their full menus. You can have your selected food delivered right to your doorstep at the tap of a button on your phone. However, UberEats is only available in over 50 cities in 13 countries. In order to see if the service is available in your area, do check out the Uber website for more information. Do take note that UberEats is growing very quickly and it might be available in your area at a very short time. The operating hours of restaurants are dependent on the restaurant itself.

How to order your foods

There are two ways for ordering your food, either via the UberEats apps or the link, eats.uber.com. If you are using the apps, all you need to do is entering your address followed by using the home tab or search tab to look for the eateries that you like. On the other hand, if you are using the link, you will start by entering your address for delivery and then search for your preferred eateries or food. Lastly, just add your selected food into your cart and place your order. Whether to place a tip or not is highly up to yourself. The time your food get delivered to you is only an estimated time as it combines how much time it takes by the restaurant to accept and prepare an average order as well as how much time it takes to deliver the food to your address. Therefore, the actual delivery time may fluctuates due to several reasons like the amount of your order, how busy the restaurant is at the time you place your order and traffic conditions.    

Once you have a record of orders, you may reorder in the future very easily. You can simply tap on the receipt icon and look from the list of past orders for the order that you wish to reorder, by just tapping Reorder. It will be added into your cart and you may do a final review of your order.

Orders are usually delivered to your address unless if your address is very difficult to find. Hence, it may be easier and more convenient for both parties if the order can be delivered outside by the street or somewhere near a landmark. You may include this special delivery information before confirming your final order. Once your delivery is on the way, you can actually make a contact on the order tracking screen. This is advisable as it is the best way to confirm on the exact dropoff location. Bear in mind that due to safety reason, the driver may not be able to answer your call or reply your message.   

In terms of cancellation of order, you may do so easily if the restaurant has not accepted your order. You may just cancel order from the order tracking screen. If you wish to cancel an order after it has been accepted by the restaurant, you will need to call Uber support team so that they will begin to confirm with the restaurant if it is alright for cancellation. In case the restaurant has already started to prepare your order, refund is impossible. Also, do take note that you can order a few items from the same eatery but you are not allowed to order from different eateries in the same order.   

For the costing, you will need to pay for the cost of the food, booking fees with UberEats and any applicable taxes. Sometimes, there will be an extra fee if the particular restaurant is located in a busy area. The cost of the food depends on how much the restaurant wants to charge and it may differ with the price when you eat there in person. Booking fees with UberEats is a charge that you need to pay on every delivery as an operational cost.