U Mobile Xiaomi Redmi 2

u mobile redmi 2

Great news, U Mobile has come out with Redmi 2 plans where you can own the phone for as low as RM 141. For your information, the original Redmi 2 cost RM 449 at Xiaomi Malaysia. One of the main benefit of this plan is that there are no upfront payment needed unlike the package that you sign with other telcos.  There are also no Contract which is unbelievable. Do bear in mind that here is a term stating that you will need to return the phone subsidy cost if you terminate within 12 months when you sign up for the plan. The subsidy will be calculated by the number of months you have left with the plan.  The phone subsidy is available for U Mobile postpaid Ultimate Device 95 and Ultimate Device 65 plans .

Here are the breakdown cost of the postpaid plans offered.

Ultimate Device 95

Ultimate Device 65

RM 95 Monthly cost RM 65 Monthly cost
5 GB Internet 3 GB Internet
90 mins voice call 60 mins voice call
RM 141 Phone cost RM 256 Phone cost

One can enjoy up more savings with Ultimate Device 95 Plans however with a higher monthly cost. The phone will cost RM 155 more with Ultimate Device 65 plan however the monthly maintenance cost is cheaper. There are pros and cons on both plans. Ultimate Device 95 comes with higher Internet and Voice Call quota which would definitely benefits heavy Internet and mobile users. The ultimate decisions will fall on you to device your suitable plans that incur more savings with the plans listed.

Prepaid Plans

Not all is gloom for prepaid users. Prepaid users will receive a free Mi powerbank while stock lasts. However the Redmi 2 that comes with a prepaid SIM will cost RM 449. Prepaid users will also be able to enjoy 6 months of free Internet. A minimum RM 30 top up is required for the free 500 MB Internet.