Unifi 30mbps finally here!

unifi 30bmps

Tired of slower than usual Internet or being labelled as not willing to pay for fast Internet ? Finally the Unifi 30mbps & Unifi 50mbps is available officially on all Unifi coverage areas. Previously, only selected users can upgrade to these new Unifi Plans.

Residential Pricing

TM is actually offering Unifi 30 with  HyppTV Aneka bunlde for as low as RM 179 monthly instead of RM 199 and Unifi 50 for RM 229 instead of RM 249 as part of it’s promotion. Here is the comparison table between existing Unifi VIP and the new Unifi Advance packages.

VIP 5 VIP 10 VIP 20 Unifi 30 Unifi 50
Basic Price (before GST) RM149 RM199 RM249 RM199 RM249
Promotion Price RM179  RM229
Upload Speed 5mbps 10mpbs 20mbps 30mbps 50mbps
Download Speed 5mpbs 10mbps 20mbps 5mbps 10mbps

* HyppTV packs are available with extra top up price.

Downside of Unifi Advance ?

Although there are upgrade in terms of download speed, the maximum upload speed of Unifi Advance is 10mpbs which actually slower than Unifi VIP 20 package upload speed. This would not be good for existing VIP 20 users who upload heavily on to the Internet. Applications such as ftp, photos upload and cloud services may perform slower with reduced upload. It would be great if TM has Unifi Advance plan with at least 20mpbs upload speed.

On previous Unifi packages, all calls to TM fixed line is unlimited is FREE. Do take note that this is not available with the new Unifi 30mbps & 50mpbs. Call charges are subjected to 20 cents per minute which is quite hefty. User will also have to enter a 24 months new contract upon signing up with the new Unifi Advance packages.

How to upgrade ?

Existing Unifi subscribers can also upgrade to the new 30mbps package. At the moment,  Unifi 30mbps is available for both personal and business accounts under Unifi Advance plan.  Registration if Unifi Advance Plan can be done on TM Unifi website