Unifi Broadband

When it comes to selecting the best Internet service provider, it can be a difficult task as it always back to your own broadband needs. Therefore, one broadband may be the best for others but not for you and vice versa.

The Telekom Malaysia Unifi broadband package is consider as one of the most subscribed Internet service provider for home broadband. The reason it has becomes so famous amongst users are probably due to its cheaper pricing, wide coverage and being the first provider in the country. There are a few packages being offered by Unifi broadband. Internet access provided to residential users via an optical fibre core network, which involve a Fiber-to-the-home for individual residential unit. On the other hand for multi-story buildings, VDSL2, copper lines that connect to a fiber hub is used. The price of the Unifi broadband for the lowest packages is about RM190 while the price for the fastest package is RM380, about double the price. It is very suitable for activities like online gaming, video conferencing and online movies streaming. One of the reason you may like it is because of its wide coverage with a cheaper price for specific speed. However, it is compulsory to have the HyppTV package and the upload speeds are low.  

At the moment, Unifi home broadband is offering two speed packages depending on speed, maximum download speed of 30Mbps and 50Mbps. In addition, these packages are further separated into three different individual packages, with HyppTV packages such as the Aneka, Varnam, Ruby and Jumbo. The Jumbo HyppTV package is the most expensive among all the three offered packages regardless of Advance 30, Advance Plus 50 and Pro 100. This is one reason why TM Unifi packages are more expensive as compared to other broadband because you are automatically taking up the TV package, even if you do not need it. To some, you will feel as if you are paying more than what is exactly needed since not all are using the TV functions or services.

TM UniFi broadband has the widest coverage comparing to its competitors in the market. Because of this outstanding benefit, it still makes Unifi broadband the most chosen broadband in the country even though it has very few offered packages and low upload speeds. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to still check if your area is being covered before choosing Unifi Broadband, in case the areas fall under development stage. Bear in mind that the Unifi broadband has a contention ratio of 1:25, meaning that you are sharing your broadband bandwidth with other 25 subscribers at the same time.

When you sign up for a Unifi broadband package, you will receive a dynamic IP address, a Wi-Fi modem router, HyppTV subscription that includes the liner broadcast channels, both the Standard Definition and High Definition, Set top box, broadcast termination unit, an email account and a wireless telephone. As mentioned, the biggest drawback is the included TV channels in the packages, which is compulsory. On the upside, you will be able to access to iFlix with no cost at all, which cost RM96 after that. In addition to this, you will be given 500MB per day for TM Wi-Fi that allows you to online wherever there are access to a TM Wi-Fi hotspot. Another good thing about Unifi broadband is the good warranty program offered, for the equipment provided to all customers. Within a year, regardless of any faulty or malfunctioning equipment can be replaced with free of charge. This includes the cordless phone, set top box and the Wi-Fi router.

Lastly, please take note on the installation and the cancellation fees before signing up. The installation and activation fee is of course, free. However, for early contract termination for those of you who signed up for a 24 months contract for Unifi, the penalty fee is RM500. For early contract termination for those under 12 months contract for HyppTV, the penalty fee is the subscription fees of the remaining months. There is also a penalty fee of RM200 for any deferment or cancellation within 24 hours of confirmed appointment. If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your package that involves a visit by TM personnel, there will be a fee of RM212 incurred. Lastly, any onsite support visit by TM personnel after installation will cost you about RM50.