How to Use GIF on Whatsapp

In order to catch up to its rival services such as Facebook Messenger and iMessage, WhatsApp started allowing their users to send GIFs in November 2016.


GIFs, or also known Graphics Interchange Format, are images with animations that are short and without sound. GIFs are widely used online to show a reaction especially on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and iMessage.


Finally, Whatsapp users can join the fray by using GIF to express their emotions there is a catch. As iOS do not support GIFs natively, the process is not as simple and direct as what you think.


First, you need to download version 2.1615 from the App store to send GIFs.


Video GIFs

As long as the video’s duration is less than 6 six seconds, you can send it as a GIF.

Simply just select a video by pressing the Plus button on the text box left side. Then, select Photo & Video Library and select the video you want to send.

On the top right of the screen, you can choose to pick between sending that video as a native video or as a GIF. If you select the GIF option, you are then able to edit the length of the video like what you do with most videos.

Live Photo GIFs

Live Photos are iOS proprietary animated images. The Whatsapp version also allows the users to send iOS Live Photos. Again, there is another catch. It will only work if you sending the Live Photos using a phone with 3D touch support and the process is not quite smooth yet. Apple iPhone 6s, 7 and, the plus versions support the Live Photos features.


Similar to video GIFs, find a photo that you want to send and then add it. From here, you need to use 3D touch on your Live Photo so it pops up. Next, scroll up and select the Select as GIF option.


Internet GIFs

You are unable to directly save a GIF in iOS and immediately send them on Whatsapp. What you can do is to do a simple copy and paste.

Find the GIF you like on the internet and then copy it by holding down on the GIF and then select the Copy option. Then, simply paste that into the Whatsapp text box and it will display the GIF.


GIF Keyboard

For even higher level usage of GIF, you can download several keyboards with GIF support like iGIF, Giphy, and Gboard. Keyboard apps are available on the App Store. After that, install that and follow the instructions. There is a requirement to give that keyboard access in your settings menu. Then, you can just select the keyboard in WhatsApp’s text box and copy paste to display the GIF.


Android and WhatsApp Web

Unfortunately, Android users are unable to use this GIF feature at the moment but it will most likely be available on Android. Whenever a beta version has a new feature, Whatsapp tends to add the feature to all of its platforms quickly. While WhatsApp Web can read GIFs, you cannot send GIFs using it.