How To Use Google Meet

One of the steps taken by the government in the Covid19 outbreak was to implement a lockdown. The Covid19 virus threatens human life and even lives to the point of death. The implementation of this lockdown was intended to prevent the virus from spreading and could be stop. During the lockdown, people are not allowed out of the home except for front liners serving in hospitals, clinics and so-called essential services. This lockdown enforcement has resulted in many office tasks being delayed as everyone must comply with the rules set by the government. 


Therefore, you need to find a way to settle down your office matters. One of the easiest ways is to have video conferencing sessions to resolve various issues related to daily work. There are many types of applications that are very popular to use and one of them is Google Meet. Google Meet has been introduced since 2013. It is a paid application, but Google has allowed it to be used for free during this lockdown period until July 1, 2020. You only need to use your Gmail account to start video conferencing. 


Benefits of Google Meet 

  • Up to 250 people at a time 
  • There’s no time limit, it’s quick and easy to use 
  • Can use your smartphone by downloading the application at Google Play Store and Apple Store
  • Video can be recorded and re-watched 
  • Can integrate with Google Classroom 


How to Use Google Meet With A Computer 

  • Browse the portal using the web browser of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari 
  • Click the (+) Joint or Start A Meeting button 
  • Press the Continue button 
  • You will see a link displayed on the Meeting Ready screen, copy and share it with other friends to join the meeting 
  • Click the Join Now button 
  • Click Allow for microphone and camera 
  • Click the Present Now button to share the material with other audiences 
  • Select the view or material you want to share, then click Share 
  • Click Stop Sharing if you don’t want to share
  • If you would like to join the meeting, enter your username and click Ask To Join 
  • The meeting owner will get a notification and if you allow the member to join, click the Admit button. Click Deny Entry if you do not allow it

How To Use Google Meet With A Smartphone 

  • Download the Google Meet app through the Apple Store or Google Play 
  • Sign Up using your email address 
  • After Sign Up, you can start using Google Meet for communication purposes 
  • Click the + symbol to the right and select New Video Call 
  • You will be asked to add chat members using a mobile phone number or email 
  • If you would like to add members using your phone number, send them an invitation via SMS and click the link provided 
  • If using email, send the invitation via email and click the link provided 
  • Wait for each invited member to attend the meeting 
  • For members who are not invited to join but wish to participate, they need to get the approval of other members 


Tips on Using Google Meet 

  • Make sure the internet is smooth to ensure there is no interruption during meetings. We recommend using WIFI networks instead of mobile networks 
  • Choose a quiet, noisy place for a better conference
  • You can also text in during a video conference 


More companies or agencies are using Google Meet for video conference purposes. Its simple and easy-to-use interface. Although we have to temporarily lock up at home, but with Google Meet we are able to meet long distance friends by simply communicating with them