How to use Maybank MAE

Maybank has introduced a new application called Maybank, Anytime, Everyone (MAE). It can be downloaded to your smartphone for Android and iPhone OS. It’s a digital wallet that makes your transactions easier. This MAE is available to everyone even you are not a Maybank account holder. This app has some interesting features where payments can be made using a very simple QR code. However, you need to set the MAE first to monitor all transaction and set the transaction limit.

For those who do not have a Maybank account, they can still sign up for an MAE account, and will be offered a digital debit card from Visa for use in online transactions. Users can use it just like any other Visa debit card and can use it to make payments at the terminal through the support of Maybank Pay or Samsung Pay. In fact, it can also be used to make transactions through online sell-out websites.


Creating QR Pay Settings Through MAE

You can make Maybank QR Pay settings in the following ways:

1) Click on the M logo located at the bottom right

2) Select an existing account or card for QRPAY

3) Click on the Agreed & Proceed button

4) Set QRPAY usage limit  


How to set Maybank QR PAY through MAE are as follows:

  • You need to click on the M logo in the bottom right
  • Select an account or credit card for QRPAY 
  • Press Agree & Proceed
  • Set usage limits for QRPAY for daily or cumulative usage


How to make a payment using MAE is as follows:

  • Select Money Out, then click the PAY WITH QR button
  • Scan QR codes
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Transaction successfully completed
  • When you are done with the transaction, click the Done button


How to make a Split Bill payment using MAE

Split Bill lets you share payments with your friends in just a few simple and easy ways. How to use this method is as follows:

  • Click on Money In
  • Select the Split Bill button
  • Choose the name of the friend who will share the bill payment
  • You can specify whether payments are made equally or separately  
  • If payment separately, you can enter the amount you want to share between your friends and click the REQUEST NOW button and the app will easily send payment notifications to your friends.


Advantages of Using MAE

This MAE application can be used to perform various transactions as follows:

1) Payment of bills

2) Make money transfers

3) Make prepaid reload

4) Movie ticket reservations

5) Flight ticket booking


MAE can also separate the use of money against Maybank accounts. It can prevent you from over-spending. There are up to 200,000 retailers nationwide that receive payment via QR Pay. The number of retailers has also increased over time to meet customer demand. The user will only need to scan the identity card during the registration process and will be activated immediately. Users can also add MAE accounts just like any other bank account. In fact, consumers can easily withdraw money from MAE to their bank account.