How to Use Microsoft Team

Nowadays, we have been shocked by the worldwide Covid19 virus that has caused the death of millions. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Covid19 a pandemic and insists that the virus is very serious and alarming. The whole world has been lockdown and no one has left home to work, but workers have only worked from home during lockdown. During lockdown, there are certainly a number of issues that employers and employees need to discuss. Therefore, other alternatives are needed for the discussion or method to get the best decision. One of the platforms that can be used is Microsoft Teams that uses video conferencing methods. 


As of November 2016, Microsoft has added new features of Office 365 services to every Microsoft Teams. It is a collaboration tool based on the communication of information that can be shared through shared space. Microsoft Teams is also integrated with Skype, SharePoint, Exchange and Yammer. 


Benefits of Microsoft Team 

  • It offers more collaborative sharing where each member can write on the same whiteboard 
  • Sharring writing prompts to your ideas 
  • Can share desktop / white boards / power points with other members 
  • Can also browse files that you want to share with other members 
  • Can upload files on Team and can be saved as a member purpose in the future 
  • Size storage is 155 MB 
  • Meeting sessions can be recorded, saved and can be viewed again by other members 
  • Microsoft Teams serves is a one-stop base for all existing collaboration teams 
  • For students and a teacher, teacher can review the student work online 
  • Meetings can be better organized with scheduled time 
  • A 24 bots with a variety of functions that enhance productivity 
  • One centralized center 
  • Office 365 integration 
  • Company safety & compliance
  • Azure Active Directory Consolidation 
  • At no extra cost to Office 365 users

How To Download Microsoft Teams 

  • Download Microsoft Teams on your computer through the website or use your mobile phone by downloading an application through Google Play or the Apple Store 
  • Open the Microsoft Teams application 
  • Enter your Office 365 username and account name 
  • Click Menu Teams 
  • Click Create New Team or Join A Team if you already have a Team How to create a class using Microsoft Teams 
  • Click the Teams menu on the right menu 
  • Select Join or Create Team and Click Create A New Team 
  • Select Class as the team type 
  • Enter a name and description of your class and then press Next How to Create a Team 
  • Click select to see other options next to the Teams name 
  • Click Create New Team 
  • Enter your Team name and description 
  • Select Private if you need approval before others can join your Team, if you do not need approval, select Public 
  • Sign up to create a Team 
  • Then, increase the number of members 
  • When it’s done, click the √ and then close the window 
  • Next, you need to create a channel on your Team 

How To Manage Channel 

  • Each Team will have a Public Channel that is used to make announcements and information that needs to be communicated to the entire Team 
  • If you want to add another channel, click Select and click Manage Channels 
  • Click the + sign below 
  • Enter your channel name and description 
  • Click the √ when done How To Manage Members 
  • Click select to see other options beside your newly created Team name 
  • Click Manage Members to view the list of members, channels, settings and applications for your Team


How To Create Meeting Calendar

Once you’re done creating the Team and Channel, you can start creating a meeting schedule

  • Click the Calendar icon
  • You can view the schedule of any meetings or not, and you can even enter the date of the next meeting in the table
  • Click Create Meeting Calendar
  • Enter a Title / Meeting Name / Date and Time
  • To invite other members to join the meeting, enter the email address in the Add Participants space and the Share To A Channel space you have created
  • Click the √ mark and your invitation has been sent to all invited recipients


Microsoft Teams offers a robust service with new integration. has become a good offer with many new features and integrations. Microsoft Team is constantly evolving in terms of features, uses and services provided. Microsoft Team is now one of the most popular communication tools that is gaining popularity.