Vacuum cleaner Malaysia

What Is A Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a perfect companion for anyone in handling household chores particularly in keeping up with cleaning the environment of any rooms that creates and polluted with dust and dirt. Each of the vacuum cleaners would be inserted with an essential tool like air pump that helps the mechanism to suck anything on the surfaces. The filth would then go straight to a process called cyclonic separation or a dust bag for later disposal. It is available in a lot of models and sizes in the markets while some of it can be founded able to suck up both liquids and dust.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Since it development in 1860s, vacuum cleaners which is also called as a hoover in some countries such as Ireland and United Kingdom have been evolved and diversified into various units of designs, configurations and technologies for the purpose of cleaning the dirt either domestically or commercially. It was started as a carpet sweeper that used bellows and rotating brush via manual vacuum cleaners for generating suctions. Nowadays, most of the vacuum cleaners founded in the markets have been designed with motor in order to propel or operate it.


Upright vacuum cleaners is enjoyed, liked, and admired by many people reside in numerous Commonwealth countries including Britain and United States. The vacuum required a combination of vibration and sweeping in order to removes dirt through its beater bar or rotating brush rolls. It is available in two types namely the direct fan also known as dirty-air for commercial use as well as fan-bypass also known as clean-air for domestic use.

The direct-fan cleaners are great in cleaning up the carpet as it has a very efficient airflow but it lacks suction due to the low amount of power. On the other hand, the fan-bypass cleaners are great for both above-floor cleaning and carpet cleaners as it offers good suction but its airflow volume can be less efficient than the direct-fan cleaners.


The canister cleaners which also called as cylinder models are great for various tasks as it is accompanied by different heads that each has its own manoeuvrability to vacuum any types of surfaces especially on cleaning the carpet.


Wet/dry vacuum cleaners that commonly known as Shop-Vac and also can be founded as a drum or pneumatic model are made to clean up both wet and dry surfaces. It is a vacuum with many functions in collecting the dust to be used in either indoor or outdoor environment.


Hand-held vacuum cleaners are usually lightweight and are powered by a mains power or rechargeable batteries. It is mainly use to clean up smaller spills.


Backpack vacuum cleaners are actually a small canister vacuum wear on someone back and usually used to clean a large area.


Robotic vacuum cleaners are a type of carpet sweeper that can move autonomously in order to collect dust and debris from a surface into a dustbin. Most of robotic vacuum cleaners are suitable for home use but others are also able to be made as commercial cleaners.


Cyclonic vacuum cleaners are a type of portable device that use cyclonic separation technique to suck up air and dust into the collection vessel, where the filth would have to go through several processes of filtration. The filters have to be replaced or cleaned regularly to keep the device running smoothly and efficiently.


Central vacuum cleaners have a large movement and great suction as well as a large collection bin or dirt bag to collect dirt and dust from a surface into its central unit without the filth being recirculates out from the unit and without the unit making a big noise.

Vacuum Cleaners Technologies

In general, air pressure which is controlled by a universal motor is important in maintaining the suction of a vacuum cleaner in order to suck up the dust and dirt into the bag. Apart from that, most of the vacuum cleaners tend to get hot and can kill at least 96% of adult fleas and 100% of young fleas and thus it applied exhaust filtration to cool up the devices and prohibited the occurrences of health problems from happen. As it is essential in keeping up the debris, customers can find various types of dust container and remover including water filtration, cyclonic separation, and High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

Vacuum Cleaners in Malaysia

It is hard to choose one vacuum cleaners that would suit with what one wants and what one needs. Furthermore, the various types of vacuum cleaners and technologies offers in the market have added up more confusion in it. Therefore, these are some of the vacuum cleaners that highly picked by the people in Malaysia

I-ROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner K6

I-ROVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner K61

A robot vacuum cleaner from i-ROVA would cost customers at least RM237 which is good deal as it can be used for both home and office cleaning. It can clean up all types of debris from various surfaces and can manoeuvre around easily with sensors that would prevent it from crashing into obstacles. Although it lacks vacuuming power, it is sufficient enough for cleaning and it also would leave significant effect on the customer’s hygienic maintenance. Plus, this vacuum cleaner also offers a set of accessories for its customers when they seal the deal.

Sokano H20 Steamer Cleaner X5 Green


Probably one of the vacuum cleaners available in the market that have the ability to clean most types of surfaces without using harsh chemicals. It used only ordinary water to runs up its steam cleaning power. It is a versatile vacuum cleaner as it could be turn into a floor mop, carpet cleaner, hand-held steamer, and garment steamer, as well as window, mirror and glass cleaner. This vacuum cleaners offered by Sokano would cost the customers at most RM582.


Cornell Vacuum Cleaner CVC-PH2000CH Black

It is a vacuum cleaner with a great suction and manoeuvrability capable to collect any dirt and dust at most hard places.  It also provides HEPA filter technology with five filtration stages and safety motor to prevent the occurrence of any incidents. This machine would cost customers RM815.


TRIO 3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner TVDW-1230

Price at RM248, the vacuum cleaner from TRIO is stylish, smart and is a highly-functional machine with low power consumption made for domestic and commercial cleaning. It also a machine with a safety circuit breaker that could clean wet and dries surfaces. Plus, there are a dozen types of handy accessories to make the vacuuming more enjoyable and pleasant in helping its customers to make their household chores a breeze.


OMI Nanny 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner VC1 Black

It is a vacuum cleaner designated for both smaller scale cleaning and full size room cleaning. Its ability to be turn into a hand-held vacuum and a floor vacuum has makes this machine a great vacuum cleaners in cleaning up most types of surfaces. Interestingly, it is also a vacuum cleaner that offers wireless operation and its battery could be recharged via its port on the machine.