Webe Malaysia


Webe Malaysia is a communications solution provider that is a part of the TM Group. Webe also previously known as P1 was acquired by Telekom Malaysia back in 2014 and was rebranded. TM Group has a 53.3 per cent stake in Webe, Green Packet has a 31.3 per cent and SK Telekom of South Korea has 13.6 per cent stake. The company did not release any news that they were going to launch a new mobile service until recently.

According to the CEO of Webe, the communications solution provider intends to reimagine the delivery of connectivity solutions and also to open up a digital world of possibilities to all Malaysians instead of reinventing or recreating what the telecommunications companies in Malaysia are doing. Webe also wants to position itself as a community-focussed brand in Malaysia, a center of excellence in mobility and supporting a full communications convergence experience to all Malaysians and a digital mobility service that make a meaningful difference. Webe did not want to emulate what the other local telecommunication providers are doing in the already highly saturated and competitive market. Webe wanted to offer something really unique and different instead of to be seen as another small fish in an overcrowded pond.

Webe Plan


In contrast to the other local telecommunication providers, Webe only has one plan. This one plan has high-speed internet availability 24/7 and no data cap, free calls to all local mobile networks, free SMS to all local mobile networks, no contract and no penalty upon termination and nationwide service reception. The plan only starts from RM79 not inclusive of GST on a monthly basis. The original plan is RM199 per month and for you to enjoy the RM79 monthly plan, you will have to purchase a Webe certified smartphone from the official website and must be an existing TM customer. If you plan to get multiple SIM cards, you will be pleased to know that you will get an additional RM10 discount for the second line, RM20 discount for the third line and RM30 discount for the fourth and fifth line which will bring your monthly charges down to as low as RM49 per month. There are about 40 Webe certified smartphones from different brands to choose from at the moment. The reason why such a plan was made was because TM Group found out that there was a need for all Malaysians to get faster internet speed so that they can get connected at all times. It is said that people want more data and the data has to be fairly priced too.


The whole process of signing up for a Webe plan can be done entirely online. Customers will get to pick their number online and make payment online. After that, your SIM card will be delivered to you between 3 working days according to Webe. For those of you that would like to keep your existing mobile phone number, Webe allows for that option too. A speed test conducted on Webe’s internet speed by MalaysianWireless shows that Webe is able to offer speeds of up to 15Mbps. Despite claiming that the services being provided are unlimited, Webe’s service also comes with a Fair Usage Policy. Customers that abuse the SIM card for Machine-to-Machines (M2M) purposes or SMS blasting will be blocked by the company. Additionally, customers that want to turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot or tether on their mobile phone will have to pay extra for a Personal WiFi Pass. The Personal WiFi Pass costs RM6 for 2 hours of usage.


Webe Community

Within Webe, there is a Webe Community that aims to serve as a unique crowd-backing platform that Malaysians can benefit from in co-creating and collaborating on projects that will bring a positive change to the country. It has almost a similar concept to well-known crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In contrast to crowdfunding, crowd-backing only requires the crowd’s backing and support for the projects instead of money. The projects listed on Webe community are already fully funded and they only require the crowd’s pledges and support to get the projects started. Some of the famous community projects in Webe community include Dengue Prediction & Alert App, WEbePOP, KL24: Zombies, Malaysian Virtual Field Trips, Cycles To China + Gombak House, Malaysian Makers Market and Container Classrooms. According to the official Webe website, the crowd-backing platform has funded a total RM800000 of projects as of this moment and over 50,000 Malaysians were seen pledging in one of the community projects.  In order to list your project in the Webe community, you will have to plan your project and submit your proposal to the Webe community. Once Webe has reviewed and approved your proposal, your project will then be listed on the website. After that, you will require the people in the Webe community to support and pledge your project in order to get your project fully-funded and be made a reality.


Lastly, if you face any problems with the Webe service, Webe has a 24-hour customer service through an online live chat that is always standing by and ready to assist you. Additionally, you can also fill in the online support form or walk-in to their Support and Service centre located at Sunway Pyramid, Johor Bahru City Centre and Queensbay Mall. The response time for the online support form is within 24 hours. While these Support and Service centres are opened from 10AM to 10PM including Public Holidays , the hours for walk-in is only from 9AM to 6PM.