Wedding Day photographer

It’s important to look the best during your wedding day. Obviously, it is much easier to photograph a subject that is already photogenic. Keep up the shape Slim people are much easier to be photographed as their body and face features are more noticeable. Some brides or grooms that I know started diet and workout plans months before their big day in order to look the best that day Make up artist Make up artist does make a huge difference on how you will look, some make up artist that I’ve met with do turn average looking people into beauties. It is worthwhile to invest on a good make up artist. Do take your time to do your research on the make up artist portfolio. Rest Sleep well before your wedding day. This may be hard for certain people due to nervousness. However most people tend to be happier with that extra hours of sleep. For those of you who has skin issues. It is certainly advisable to get some skin treatments before your wedding day. Dried and dead skins are quite obvious on a high megapixel
Lights are the essence of photography. Great lights make great photos. I can’t be sure about other photographers but I do certainly advice my clients to have their environment lit up as much as possible Natural lights The best lights are from the sun itself. Large windows inside an indoor environment provides good source of lights. It is certainly advisable to have as much windows opened as possible. It is even better if these windows has a thin layer of white curtain that also acts as a light diffuser. For outdoor wedding, avoid your event during the harshest strong sun on the day. This is also very much dependent on your geographic location Artifical lights When there are not much lights options. It is best to turn on all the lights available at the environment. I try to avoid overly yellowish or coloured lights and stick with white lights 3
[ Great location does indeed makes great photos. Many of us are willing to spend on great locations, however there are also some with tighter budgets. Here are some rules of thumbs of locations on your wedding. Wedding decorations You should spend some time on your wedding decoration If you are not hiring a professional wedding decorater. I always like simple and elegant decorations. Spacious location Location should be well arranged. It should not be messy. The more spacious the better it is. This will give more room for the photographer to compose. Distractions Remove distracting elements from the place that you are performing your wedding ceremony. Red and sharp colored element should be avoided. I will usually advice my clients to go as pale and bright as possible. This usually ensures that the human will be the main subject of a photo taken. Malaysia based wedding photographer and also into food photography