Xiaomi Mi3 Review


Xiaomi has unveiled it’s latest flagship phone the Xiaomi Mi3 on late September 2013. This phone is also dubbed the Xioami 3 is is a high specification Android phone that is sold at an affordable price.  For a start, Xiaomi Mi3 is powered by 2.3Ghz  Qualcomm SnapDragon 800 processor and a seperate Nvdia Tegra 4 1.8Ghz Quad core processor.



Upon unpacking the box, this phone feels solidly built although light.  According to Xiaomi, this phone aluminium and magnesium alloy built. This makes the phone feels solid albeit weighting at only 145 grams. The materials made the phone kind of cool with sleek square design, although it still has the cheap feel upon comparison with high end phones from Samsung or Apple’s Iphone. This phone is huge for the price you are paying, it features a 5 inches full HD display and it is only 8.1 mm thin while measuring 14 centi meters long.

Almost entire phone screen is covered by the touch screen and the touch screen is responsive while the manufacturer claimed it is also responsive when your fingers are wet. This is very useful in tropical countries such as Malaysia. Although it lacks of Amoled technology, Xiaomi has incorporated IPS technology to ensure vibrancy and sharpness of the screen when it is viewed from different angle. It is screen is also Gorrila glass built which ensure toughness

Mi3 comes with choices of yellow, pink, blue, white, gray, gold,black, or green color

xiaomi_mi_3_side view


This phone do not lack of performance when being compared to other high end phones. It is powered by a 2.3Ghz Krait 400 which is as powerful when compared with Galaxy S4. It has a seperated GPU processor for graphics so this will ensure performance when gaming on this phone. Mi3 is also running on 2GB of RAM. At the first test after loading, this phone feels extremely smooth. Scrolling does not lag although when doing multi processing.


This phone comes with a standard choices of 16/64 GB storage however it lacks of an external micro SD card slot. Perhaps this can be solved with Mi Could services.


Xiaomi Mi3 has a 13MP  28mm wide f2.2 main camera and a 2MP front facing camera.  Both of these camera can also support 1080p video recording.  Mi3 is running on dual-LED flash which provides extra light during dim situation.


Xiaomi Mi3 has a non removable li-on 3050 mah battery. This could be an issue if you have defective battery after certain period of usage. However at the market price it is perhaps wiser to get another unit of Xiaomi original phone. Xiaomi claims an impressive 21 hours 3G Internet usage, 25 hours talk time and a 500 hours of standby time. This is due to Mi3 CPU processor which uses much less power

Retail Price



  • Absolutely amazing price
  • High specification phone compared to other phones
  • Fast and responsive phone


  • No extended micro SD card
  • Fixed built in battery which may not be replaced

Source : http://www.xiaomimalaysia.net/