Xiaomi Mi4 Review

xioami mi4 front


At a glance the new Mi4 do look eerily similar with an Samsung product. Although Xiaomi is selling Mi4 at budget price, this phone doesn’t lack of quality in terms of design and built. Xiaomi’s Mi4 front is stainless steel thus this phone feels expansive. Mi4 received much more quality built improvement as compared to Mi3. It feels solid rock and does not vibrate when being touched kind of similar Iphone feel. This phone has a nice back plastic covers while total phone weights at 149g.

Xiaomi has retained a 5 inches 1080p display. The screen is capable of 1920×1080 resolution with 445PPI display. Although the screen size is same with Mi3, the phone is definitely smaller in size. Mi4’s screen is clear from different angle view. The new Mi4 seem to have much improved screen as compared to Mi3. It sure feels more vibrant yet the touch screen is as responsive as it’s previous predecessor.  Mi4 comes with choices of stylish white and black.

The Mi4 has the same USB A/B port as Mi3. The issue with these ports is it is easy for someone to plug a cable upside down.



Xiaomi Mi4 runs on a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5Ghz quad core processor. This processor is touted to be more powerful and energy saving as compared to the previous processor. It has a 3GB which is quite sufficient for multitasking and today’s app usage.  Mi4 comes with options of 16GB or 64GB storage with no extended microSD storage available.

Mi4 run on the latest MIUI Android 4.4 operating system. This operating sure feels like a combination between Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android.



The new Mi4 runs on both generous 13MP Sony Exmor RS back camera and 8MP Sony Exmor R front camera which is great for selfies lover. Both lenses are F1.8 which is even more capable of handing dark lighting situation as compared to it’s predecessor. It has a magic autofocus which is kind of nice to have when taking photos of 2 objects with a blur one at the back.


The new Mi4 runs on 3080mAh lithium battery. Finally, Mi4’s battery is now removable.With the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, this phone will consume less power thus enable longevity of phone usage. Mi4 also runs on turbo charging technology that provides 30% extra charge speed.


Mi4 has a single micro Sim card slot. This phone is available on CDMA and 4G network. 4G or LTE support will cost more as compared with Mi4 3G phone.

Universal Remote Control

Another unique feature with this phone is that it has a default universal remote control built into it. We have personally tested and it works on our air-conditioner however it didn’t work on our TV. Perhaps it could be brand technology issue. This feature does not bother us as it is not a necessity for a phone.

Retail Price


Although there are grey units which are available over RM 1,000. The LTE version of this phone will only be officially be launched at the end of 2014 in Malaysia while the CDMA version will be launched on September.


  • Great stainless steel built and finishing
  • Generous specifications.


  • No extended micro SD card
  • Hard to recognise USB A/B port up or down.