Xiaomi Mi5 price in Malaysia


The Xiaomi Mi5 has recently been launched in Barcelona after a much long break since 18 months ago when it’s predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi4 came into the world in June 2014. Xiaomi, a company that has made over 70 million sales of smartphones last year alone in Asia is a number 1 brand in China. It is known for making high end smartphones at low prices and the Xiaomi 5 is proof of carrying on this legend.


Xiaomi Mi5 comes in a 5.15” 1080p IPS LCD display. Although the display isn’t exactly the most flattering feature of the phone, Xiaomi still made a clever move with maintaining a 1080p display as it will assist DDIC and display controller power in sustaining a more successful battery power life. In addition, Xiaomi took a jump further in upgrading power productivity of the screen. They revealed that they implemented more backlight LED than what they are used to – from the usual 12 to a good 16 now. With this, Xiami says it allows the phone to achieve up to 600nits of brightness and backlight competency increases by 17 percent. Though there is no verification for the claims, the quality of the IPS panel on the Mi5 looks incredible.


The brain of the phone is a Snapdragon 820 processor 2.15GHz. For the software, it uses Xiaomi’s MIUI 7 which is based on Android Marshallow on top of Android 6 with little pre-installed bloatware which is a nice relief. The phone has a metal and glass combo for chasis and is free of sharp poking edges which is great when sliding fings along the sides. The Mi 5 comes in three varieties – the 32GB option with 3GB of RAM and a slower version of Snapdragon 620, a 64GB model with all the higher-end specs and the 128GB Mi 5 Pro with a ceramic figure on the top. One of the advantages of the ceramic version is that it is more scratch resistant due to the stiffness of the ceramic. The phone is feather light weighing in at 129g although the ceramic at the back adds around 10g more which was definitely an observable difference felt when holding both versions in the hand. The connection below the phone is in line with the 2016’s baby – USB Type-Port C allowing for faster transfer and faster charge supported by Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which delivers 90% charge under an hour.


The early photo images of Mi 5 shows vast improvements compared to the older modules enforced by Xiaomi. Both Mi and Mate 8 uses the same sensor and optics with the same aperture, performing well in low light conditions though the strength in Mi 5 is pictures taken during broad daylight. Thanks to the front camera at 4MP and pixels size of 2 microns wide and producing brighter images because it is so large. Make your faces look sharp and dazzling with the popular feature among Xiaomi fans called the “Beauty Mode”. It is difficult to resist trying anyways. The camera on the rear is 16MP with a Sony IMX298 sensor, sapphire protective glass and phase detection autofocus which delivers 0.3 sharpening time for photo snaps. Say goodbye to go slow motions like Pink Panther does when shooting videos. Now you can shake the phone around in every way and still get clear and solid videos thanks to the Xiaomi Mi 5’s cutting-edge 4-axis stabilisation. Apart from that, there are other variety of modes such as mirror effects and multiple video formats, all in a matter of a swipe to the left or right. The slight drawback is the absence of a MicroSD slot or a removable battery although the loss is small when compared to the prices of these phones considering the jump between 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions.


One of the catches for Xiaomi Mi 5 is the impressive design. For Xiaomi long term users, it would be good to note that the Mi 5 might be the best design they have ever come up with to this day. They were able to employ Xiaomi Note’s bevelled back sides resulting in a smooth in-hand feel similar to the Galaxy S7. Although the phone is a 5.15” screen, it feels like a 4.7” or smaller device due to the way it has been designed. Having a removable battery would not have been possible for such a design.
The Mi 5 is to be priced at a staggering 2,600RMB for the 128GB model and 1,999RMB for the entry level 32GB version. However, official prices will vary to local prices when it will be charged by importers. The Xiaomi Mi 5 is available with 32-, 64-, or 128GB of storage, in black, white, gold or pink. The 32GB and 64GB has 3GB of LP-DDR4 RAM while the 128GB version has 4GB of RAM. It is good to remember choosing correct storage to suit your needs since MicroSD is not supported although there are more ways to add storage to Android. Connectivity wise, it is a 4G phone, dual-SIM, and operates in dual standby mode. Added connectivity features include NFC, GPS and GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.2, dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, Wi-Fi display, Wi-Fi Direct, and a fingerprint scanner.