Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

redmi note 4g

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

The Redmi Note is a great device at the right price developed by Xiaomi Incorporated also known as Xiaomi Tech offering diverse features and performance in its market industry. Recently, Xiaomi Inc has introduces to the market the new version of the Redmi Note with 4G capability. In general, the Redmi Note 4G shared the same identity with the Redmi Note 3G but has a few differences that separated it with its predecessor.

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There are not much to said about the Redmi Note 4G as it simply has no external differences with the Redmi Note 3G. Just like the original, the Redmi Note 4G has the black front face with white rear covering the phone with noticeable three red capacitive buttons below the screen. The Mi logo can only be seen at the back of the phone with all the rest of the buttons on the right of it leaving the left side blank.

The headset socket can be seen on top of the phone while the Micro USB is on the bottom. The back of the phone which is hard to open for security, case the single regular sized SIM card slot and the microSD cards behind the removable battery of the Redmi Note 4G. Although the Redmi Note offer 5.5 inch screens with 720×1280 panels, the screen itself worth the weight and the customers have to balance it carefully if using the phone one handed.


Software and Specifications

The original Redmi Note uses the octa-core MediaTek MT6592 processor while the newest model uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 mainly because Qualcomm is integrated with LTE capabilities. There are two variant internal storage spaces for the Redmi Note 4G which is 2GB and 8GB of RAM that can be extended up to 64GB using MicroSD cards.

Internet users would satisfy with this phone as it provides faster connection speed to the Internet using Wi-Fi 802.11ac as a support. Other features include GPS, FM, Bluetooth 4.0, alongside the 13MP cameras and the used of Android 4.4.2 software with Xiaomi’s MIUI interface which appear identical to the original Redmi Note. The Redmi Note 4G also uses the 3100mAh batteries which have the same life time battery that would lasted up to 11 hours as its predecessor.

Camera and Performance

The Redmi Note 4G is just as good as the Redmi Note 3G in handling day-to-day tasks in any situations but the Redmi Note 4G may tend to be quite slow in term of performance when compare to its predecessor as the predecessor used the MT6592. There is a slight of differences between the Redmi Note 4G and Redmi Note 3G in providing great graphics to their customers. However, the original Redmi Note may have a little good and smooth performance than the successor.

The phone is a great camera phone that could be uses in the daylight and also offers the same ratio as taken in the camera with great sharp details when display on a bigger screen. Another great features from the camera install in the Redmi Note include close ups shot and low light shots when taken up a picture compare to shots of moving objects and long shots.




The Redmi Note 4G offer an extremely affordable prices for their overall specifications and performance but compare to the original Redmi Note 3G which has the dual-SIM functionality and better performance makes the Redmi Note 4G not worth the trade off. There is an alternative option for the Redmi Note but without the 4G capability which the buyer can think of before buying the phone.

Pros and Cons


  • Offer the 4G LTE connectivity
  • A good camera phone
  • Wide and sharp screen
  • A good duration of battery life


  • Tend to be lag at some point
  • Doesn’t support dual-SIM functionality