Xiaomi Transformers Soundwave Mi Pad 2 Hasbro

Xiaomi Transformers Mi Pad 2 Hasbro

Xiaomi has treaded many rough waters to be where it is now. Looking back, the Chinese company started spreading it’s wide selection of products ranging from smart devices to rice cookers in 2010 and has slowly but surely climbed to the top of being China’s number one smartphone manufacturer in the time frame of only 5 years.

Xiaomi recently released it’s latest product that takes tablet devices to another level and is called “Soundwave: Mi Pad 2”. It is a Mi Pad tranformer toy; meaning the toy can transmute into a 9.7-inch tablet. Although the tablet is has no real function as a tablet, the creation is still priceless and is a step into much further advances for smart devices in the near future.


Despite not having any computing internals, it has plenty of hinges to be shaped into an beautiful and robust robot. The character design of the toy is based on the “Transformers” cartoon back in the 80s. The Mi Pad 2 is a crowdfunding product and has a record on Mi Store with more than 1,000 backers which outshined their target goal.


The price of this mysterious device is 169 CNY each (RM103) and shipping starts from 13th May 2016. If you have an adventurous spirit, try supporting their project with 1 CNY (RM0.61) and stand a chance to win one with free shipping for every 200 contributors.