ZeptoExpress Malaysia

Zepto is a measurement used to denote a factor of zeptosecond.

In any delivery process, the most important thing to a customer is how the company delivers his or her parcel. In technical terms, we call this the last mile delivery. From the entire delivery process, the customer only interacts with the last mile delivery person. So, this is where ZeptoExpress comes in to provide a great experience.

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ZeptoExpress is an On-Demand Delivery Platform in Malaysia. Customers are able to make delivery bookings anytime they want. Our vision is to offer instant delivery and to disrupt traditional courier services by giving a guarantee that the customer will receive his or her parcel as fast as within 3 hours. ZeptoExpress is the fastest same day delivery company in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

ZeptoExpress is open 7 days a week and their technical team consistently work to improve their State-of-the-art algorithms and analytics platform to handle thousands of deliveries on daily basis and to predict consumer patterns. As a result, ZeptoExpress maintains their top quality service.

Single Delivery Rates

Customers can check the single delivery rates by filling in their pickup destination and delivery point. They can also drag the marker on the interactive map to get the accurate and exact location that they want. The customer can see the Booking Summary information including the type of vehicle used for the delivery, one or two-way delivery, the distance, the normal rate, and the expected delivery time, subtotal, discount, and the total amount on the right side of the page.

However, ZeptoExpress services are only supported in Klang Valley and major zones in Selangor at this time.

Bulk Deliveries Rates

For bulk deliveries rates, same day bulk order rates start from as low as RM7 per delivery. To enjoy bulk deliveries rate, the customer requires to make at least 5 shipments and the minimum weight for each pick up is 15KG in weight.

ZeptoCares Free Delivery

Using ZeptoCares Free Delivery system, ZeptoExpress will deliver the parcels to any orphans or orphanage for free. They will pick-up and deliver the parcel on your behalf without any charges for areas within the Klang Valley. The schedule for weekly pick-up is every Thursday from 11 AM to 2 PM. The maximum weight for each pick up is 15KG in weight.

To get started, fill in Your Full Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Unit Number & Pickup Address, Deliver To, instruction notes, and click the Submit Now button.

You can contact them to add more orphanage homes located in Klang Valley to their lists. A list of items that you may consider to donate like cooking items, beverages, and basic medication are also displayed below the ZeptoCares page.

Furthermore, if you need any help or have any questions related to the single delivery rates and/or bulk deliveries rates, there is an online live chat available on the page.

Live Tracker

There is a separate page for Live Tracker in ZeptoExpress official website. The tracking console is only exclusively available to ZeptoExpress deliveries and they are only available for the current deliveries that are already in progress. Simply fill the Recipient Mobile Number, Booking ID, and click the Track My Booking button.


If you have any difficulties with the Live Tracker, try the following solutions:


  • Check if you have entered the correct Recipient’s mobile number
  • Check if you have entered the correct Booking ID


You can also contact the customer service support by clicking the Leave a Message button and fill in the form if none of the solutions work.


How to Start?


Follow the easy and simple instructions listed below to start using ZeptoExpress:

  • Login to ZeptoExpress booking portal using your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone
  • Create Jobs by clicking on the New Job from the side menu and type in your pickup and delivery point
  • After filling in the information, you will get redirected to a page where you can use ZeptoPower to find a ZeptoPartner
  • You can also create your next booking order while ZeptoExpress look for a ZeptoPartner for you.
  • Once ZeptoExpress found a ZeptoPartner for you, make your payment and start the job


This concept is similar to the one used in the UBER app for those of you who are already familiar with it. The customers can also track their deliveries using a live tracking feature so you can plan your time efficiently.